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One-on-One Class

One-on-One Class

1.5 - 2hr live meditation session, remote or in person.


You will work directly with Cassidy, the creator of Stargazer Meditation™, to understand how to work with your body's flow and energy, putting it directly back to the Earth. By learning how to deal with ourselves, and the energy we don't need to carry anymore, we can move forward more calmly + peacefully.  Nature can cleanse us of this unneeded energy. The goal of these classes is that, over time, you will learn to attain a relaxed state anywhere, anytime by yourself.  


Great for people for whom meditation is new for, and who just want to focus one-on-one. Also recommended for heavy energy that needs to be dropped, as we can focus on each individual area as long as is necessary for the individual.


This is a private session, good for one individual. Private classes for multiple people available on the site.


Thank you, and I look forward to healing together!! 🙏✨

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