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 A guided nature-based meditation, built to empower and teach you to be able to attain a relaxed state by yourself anywhere, anytime.

Stargazer Meditation

What is it?

Stargazer Meditation™ was created by Cassidy Mosher. After studying various modalities from around the world, and just going into the forest and listening, she began to build something that helped her to heal herself. It expands upon all of these disciplines, with the unique feature of using the Earth as a direct tool, a recycler of the energy we don't need to carry anymore. It was borne from the pain she personally felt, and helped her to feel whole again. One of the grounding principles of Stargazer Meditation is "You deserve to feel calm inside™".

Stargazer Meditation Review - Kristin_ed

Using the principle of science that nature recycles our breath, Cassidy believes Nature also cleanses us of unneeded energy.

By sitting quietly with ourselves (which is sometimes the hardest thing to do in this age of distraction) we can learn to calm the questions that plague us the most.
Teaching mostly in Michigan currently, but available via Zoom, and also available for travel, please reach out with any inquiries!
A few books that have helped along the way:

Your Seven Energy Centers

   by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Northern Mysteries and Magick

   by Freya Aswynn

Teachings of the Silent Mind
   by Cittaviveka

*more to come!!
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